SecureShot Clock Weather Radio Dual Camera "Phantom Ray" IR Night Vision Spy DVR
SecureShot Clock Weather Radio Dual Camera "Phantom Ray" IR Night Vision Spy DVR

SecureShot Clock Weather Radio Dual Camera "Phantom Ray" IR Night Vision Spy DVR

Brand: Productive Electronics
Product Code: SS/MDPH/DU
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The "PHANTOM" sees all - ALL the time! Even in TOTAL DARKNESS!

Dual Camera (dually) system- Produces Brilliant Hi Res Color Video by day- Automatically Switches to .000 Lux B&W by Night. Invisible internal IR illuminators allow for TOTAL DARKNESS recording up to 30 feet.

NOTE: Beware of similar products by other manufactures claiming "Nightvision" technology. This is the only product of its kind that can see in TOTAL DARKNESS! Our exclusive "micro IR illuminators" are totally invisible and "light up" an entire room!

Introducing the all new SecureShot "Phantom" all-in-one self recording DVR cube clock radio that renders all others obsolete. - The only clock radio that records high quality 30fps video 30 ft. in TOTAL DARKNESS! State-of-the-art high power invisible 120 degree micro IR illuminators, coupled with our exclusive dual camera auto switching technology insure unbelievable video regardless of lighting conditions. Take a look at all the hi tech exclusive features and we are sure you will agree that this is the only unit of its type for the serious user. This is a new model Midland AM/FM - Weather Alert Radio that provides accurate drift-free tuning of all available radio stations, with a built in weather band alert. Suitable for any room, office, or warehouse.



Midland AM/FM Clock Radio with Weather Band Alert
* Invisible High Power Micro IR Illuminators see in Total Darkness!
* Invisible Cameras (no holes in radio)
* 32Gb SD Card Support
* Hidden Trap Door for SD Card
* Dual High Res CCD Cameras
* Internal "Back Up" Battery for clock.



* Day/Night Operation: Our "Dually" package automatically changes from Sony Ex-View Color to Sony Ex-view ultra low light (.0001 Lux) when light levels fall below .05 Lux. Invisible IR illuminators result in .000 Lux Performance.
* Invisible IR Illuminators: Totally invisible, allows recording up to 30 feet in total darkness.
* High Resolution Video at 12 fps: (640 X 480) High Resolution fluid motion recording capability. (user adjustable from 1 to 12 fps)
* Medium Resolution Video at 30 fps (320 X 240) (user adjustable from 1 to 30 fps)
* 32GB SDHC Card Support- 160 hours recording at full 30 fps- (records 5 hours per GB on lower capacity SD cards) Hundreds of hours possible with lower frame rate selections.
* Firmware Upgrade - New firmware can be quickly installed via USB port.
* Embedded Time/Date Stamp - Embedded in video- Time/Date stamp is seen on both playback from unit and PC via SD Card.
* Enhanced Motion Activation: Not only is sensitivity adjustable, but also features a "grid" setting with multiple blocks to eliminate unwanted triggers in the camera view such as a computer screen or rotating fan.
* Multiple Playback Speeds: X1/ X2/ X4/ X8/ X16/ X32/
* Schedule Recording: Record time can be set to record at only times of interest.
* Event Search Function: Property and fist image of selected file is displayed to quickly find a particular event.
* IR Remote Control: For setting system parameters and arming and disarming unit


Camera Features
Motion Activated Motion Activated
Night Vision Night Vision
Wireless Transmitter Wireless Transmitter
Professional Grade Professional Grade
Remote Control Remote Control
16GB 16GB
32GB 32GB
Removable Removable Memory
Portable Portable
Table or Desk Table or Desk
Video Quality
480P SD 480P
Power Source
Plug-In Power Plug-In Power

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