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Everyone loves the James Bond movies and now you can own spy gadgets that would make even the man himself jealous.  We offer high end spy gadgets that are wearable, covert, or built into everyday items; if you want to learn more about why you should buy from DynaSpy, Inc. vs. the other "spy wannabes" Click Here.

Our spy cameras are built into everything from ballpoint pens to baseball hats and our unique line of spy cameras is professionally designed to be body worn and completely undetectable. Protect yourself in situations where you may need conclusive evidence, capture a moment during your favorite hobby, or simply record an event of interest to you.

You will find that most of the spy cameras are self-recording with either built-in memory or a memory card. The battery life on most items last around 3-4 hours per charge and as simple to use as a flash drive or digital camera.

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MegaSight Sunglasses HD Video Recorder with MP3 Player
Introducing the high resolution HD 720P Sunglass Hidden Camera DVR recorder. The Ideal tool for "..
Based on 1 reviews.
HD 1080P Night Vision Wrist Watch Wearable Camera 8GB Memory
The stylish design suits any occasion, making it just the thing for operations that have to keep ..
Based on 1 reviews.
CamStick T8000 HD 1080P Night Vision Mini Camera Recorder
Get the CamStick T8000 HD Spy Camera with Audio NOW for only $119.99 (MSRP $179.99!)   ..
Based on 0 reviews.
Key Chain HD 1080P Spy Cam DVR with Night Vision
WHO WOULD SUSPECT that while you're innocently holding your keys in your hand, you're secretly re..
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"Pen Cap" Pocket Wearable Spy Camera
Pen cameras have been around about as long as teddy bears with cameras in them. The average p..
Based on 0 reviews.
All-in-One Shirt Button Spy Camera DVR w/ Magnetic Switch & Time/Date Stamp
Ever been caught aiming your spy camera at someone? Never again with a camera that hides in p..
Based on 0 reviews.
Aqua-Fina Bottle Covert Spy DVR w/ 30-Hour Battery
This bottled water is just the item you need if you're looking for a covert camera on the go. It ..
Based on 0 reviews.
Athletic Wrist Watch Spy Camera with 4GB Memory
Hi-Res Spy Wrist Watch Video Camera DVR with 4GB Memory Introducing the high resolution 640x480..
Based on 0 reviews.
BushBaby Custom DVD Case Spy Camera DVR w/ Motion Detection, 10-Hour Battery
This DVD case is just the item you need if you're looking for a covert nanny cam. It may loo..
Based on 0 reviews.
BushBaby Custom DVD Case Spy Camera DVR w/ Motion Detection, 30-Hour Battery
This DVD case is just the item you need if you're looking for a covert nanny cam. It may loo..
Based on 0 reviews.
BushBaby Custom Hidden Smoke Detector Spy Camera DVR w/ 10-Hour Battery
 Twist-off mounting bracket for easy set-up and take-down. Not functional as a smoke detecto..
Based on 0 reviews.
Clothes Hook Hidden Spy Camera DVR with Motion Activation
Hey there, come on in and let me help you with your coat There are few combinations of words ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Desk Lamp Dual-Cam Hidden Spy Camera DVR w/ Motion Detection
Introducing the ALL NEW SecureShot DUALLY- Because Two cameras are better than One! The ..
Based on 0 reviews.
Eyeglasses HD 720P Hidden Video Spy Camera Mobile Eyewear DVR
What is the biggest complaint people have about spy gear? If you are anything like us, it wou..
Based on 1 reviews.
HD 1080P Gold Trend Wrist Watch Spy Camera with 8GB Memory
1080p spy gear goodness – strapped to your wrist When preparing to go out for a day of spying..
Based on 0 reviews.
HD 1080P Night Vision Wrist Watch Spy Camera with 4GB Memory
The stylish design suits any occasion, making it just the thing for operations that have to keep ..
Based on 0 reviews.
HD 720P Mini Clothes Hook Hidden Camera Spy DVR with Sound Activation
Sometimes the easiest way to hide something is in plain sight. Our newest hidden camera resides w..
Based on 2 reviews.
HD 720P Mini Key Chain Car Remote Spy Camera DVR
WHO WOULD SUSPECT that while you're innocently holding your keys in your hand, you're secretly re..
Based on 2 reviews.
Hi-Res Baseball Cap Covert Hat DVR w/ 4GB Memory
Introducing the latest in state of the art covert wearable spy camera technology! The high resolu..
Based on 0 reviews.
Hi-Res Neck Tie Spy Camera DVR w/ 4GB & Remote Control
Hi-Res Neck Tie Spy Camera DVR w/ 4GB & Remote Control Introducing the high resolution 6..
Based on 0 reviews.

What You Need to Know Before you buy a Spy Camera

If you’re interested in purchasing a spy camera for everyday usage, you really need to know which features to look for. When comparison-shopping for spy cameras online, you must ensure that a prospective model has the power to perform in your preferred environment.

Also, it’s vital to consider how you plan to use your camera. Chances are excellent that you already know exactly what you want to use your camera for. Therefore, making this determination shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are unsure, take some time to ponder prospective uses of a new spy camera. This will help you to decide if the features found in a prospective model are adequate for your purposes.

One typical reason why a private citizen will buy spy camera products and accessories is to monitor people who routinely or occasionally spend time in their homes (such as nannies or housekeeping staff). However, since spy cameras make it possible to see what anyone is doing within particular parameters, there are really unlimited ways to get value from these sorts of devices.   

Do You Want to Know What’s Going on when you’re Not Around?

Because spy cameras are not all created equal, it’s important to learn which features are available. Bear in mind that the amount of features which you will be able to access will often be linked with exactly how much money you are willing to spend. In other words, the most high-tech, impressive spy cameras may be pricey, although this isn’t the case one hundred percent of the time.

Suffice it to say that these types of cameras are available at a range of price points. Even those who don’t have much money to spend will be able to find low-priced designs that come with basic features and provide a decent level of performance.

To assist you in getting the information that you need, we’ve created a practical quick guide. By perusing our easy-to-read, easy-to-use tips and suggestions, you’ll be one step closer to finding a camera which delivers superlative benefits for the price that you will pay.

Features to Watch For

In the world of top-tier spy cameras, 007-style effects are really quite commonplace. After all, the latest, high-tech spy gadgets are crafted with care by professionals who understand exactly how to cloak these devices as everyday objects, such as ballpoint pens, baseball hats, sunglasses, wristwatches or what have you. In addition, spy cameras may be body-worn, which means that you’ll be able to keep them on your person while you spy on anyone and everyone. No one will know that they are there. These cameras will capture and record a range of moments, from conversations to actions to group activities.

Aside from exciting design features which make spy cameras more undetectable, a variety of tech-based features are used inside of these devices, in order to make them more functional. For example, self-recording spy cameras may be equipped with built-in memory or memory cards. Batteries for these devices will usually last about three or four hours, and re-charging will be a total breeze.

If you can use a USB stick or a digital camera, you won’t have any trouble mastering the fundamentals of utilizing spy cameras. So, don’t worry about having technical skills – you really won’t need them. Typical devices of this type will also come with detailed instructions, so that they are very easy to use.  

Motion detectors are also features in some styles of cameras. Motion-activated recording will begin automatically, without your intervention. If you want targeted recording, whether you’re wearing your camera on your person or leaving it in a strategic location, you’ll find that this feature pays big dividends. Because motion detector features are very sensitive, they are great way to monitor all activity in a preferred location.

Sound activation is another feature of modern spy cams. Much like motion detectors, sound detectors begin recording automatically when certain criteria are detected. In this case, sounds will activate recordings. If you’re interested in knowing what people are saying in a certain environment, you’ll find that this feature provides plenty of benefits. As long as you choose a design that has sound activation, you’ll never miss speech or other telltale sounds

Night vision is another high-tech add-on in many cameras of this type. Those who want to enjoy footage of preferred regions, even when it is pitch dark, will really appreciate this valuable feature.

Because night vision will give you the ability to “see through” the dark and find out what’s happening in other dark environments, such as underground parking lots of what have you, it’s a perfect feature. After all, quite often, crimes or other secret activities do take place during the nighttime hours, or in darker areas.

Wireless transmitters may be included in some of these devices. These transmitters make it possible to enjoy incredible portability and flexibility while using the cameras. Because they may be transported with ease, they will work in a range of applications and environments.

High-definition video quality is also available in some cameras. If you want crystal-clear footage that captures every nuance of the action, it may be worth paying more for this type of feature. High-definition will assist you in getting more value from your spy camera purchase. These days, people have become accustomed to enjoying the clarity and beauty of high-definition resolution…that’s why this is really a feature to watch for.

Lastly, many spy devices come with remote controls. When you choose a design that has this feature, you’ll be ready to control the action as you see fit. If you love the ease and convenience of this type of feature, be sure to select a spy camera that is equipped with a remote control.

Are Spy Cameras Right for You?

Now that you know some of the most impressive features of spy cameras, you may be closer to making a decision about whether or not these devices are really right for you. Depending on your particular budget, you may be able to access some of all of the features listed here. It will be helpful to isolate exactly which features are most important to you. Since choosing extra features will pump up the cost of your final bill, it’s important to avoid paying for more features than you really need.

In addition to looking at features, be certain to consider brand quality. You will need to know that spy cameras have the power to perform well over the long term. Before investing in this type of spy device, take the time to check product reviews and vet various brands.

Some stellar brands, such as DynaSpy, have proven track records. So, do consider choosing DynaSpy equipment when you’re ready to buy. Because this brand is so highly-rated, your product will have a perfect blend of features and durability.

Why Choose DynaSpy?

When you select DynaSpy equipment, you’ll gain access to truly superior devices that are custom-made in order to give you the features and performance that you really need. Buy spy cameras, spy gadgets, hidden cameras and covert video cameras that will always deliver superlative benefits for affordable prices. When you choose this brand, you’ll be accessing one of the globe’s most impressive and reputable spy camera companies.

Crafted from the finest materials, DynaSpy spy cameras have a variety of features, including all of the features that we’ve mentioned here. Choose the right features for your needs, at your preferred price point, in order to get a truly perfect match. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy the spy camera that you’ve always wanted.

These cameras are created by security experts who know exactly what to add to each design. In fact, you won’t find a more comprehensive array of spy cameras anywhere in the world. Luckily, every DynaSpy device is available online, so it will be easy to get the quality that you need and deserve, no matter where you are. When you choose this type of device, you’ll be able to monitor others and their activities, with unprecedented ease. So, why choose any other brand.

Now that you know why DynaSpy is such as great company, and why its products are truly a cut above, you’ll be ready to make the most of your next spy camera purchase. Because this brand has all of the bells and whistles, and because its products are available at a range of price points, there are distinct advantages to choosing this company over other brands. That’s why selecting DynaSpy products is just good common sense.

Our overview of spy camera features is designed to give you more control over your purchase. By letting you know which features are available, we’ll make it possible for you to find a camera that suits your needs to perfection. Instead of overpaying for features that you don’t really need, you’ll be ready to get the streamlined services that you want. Now, let’s look at some more specific benefits of spy cameras...

Benefits of Spy Cameras

Spy cameras reveal the truth about people and their activities. If you suspect that something negative is happening at your home or place of business, but you aren’t quite sure what’s going on, you’ll find that using spy cameras is the key to revealing truth, so that you can take action. Instead of feeling suspicious and wondering what’s up, you’ll be able to get the inside scoop on what people are doing and saying. In this sense, spy cameras provide superlative peace of mind, for very affordable prices. Therefore, investing in this sort of technology will give you the power to take action if it is required.

You may protect your loved one more effectively when you add a spy camera or spy cameras into the mix. Because you’ll be able to monitor caretakers and household staff, whenever you want to, without their knowledge, you’ll be able to know whether or not your loved ones are being cared for appropriately. If you’re a parent and you need assurances that babysitters, nannies or other caregivers are doing their jobs, using spy cameras will be a perfect way to ensure that these people are performing up to your expectations. Make sure the people that you care about are safe by choosing the right spy camera today.