Complete 4 Channel H.264 Network DVR w/ 4 Outdoor IR CCD Cameras
Complete 4 Channel H.264 Network DVR w/ 4 Outdoor IR CCD Cameras

Complete 4 Channel H.264 Network DVR w/ 4 Outdoor IR CCD Cameras

Brand: DynaSpy
Product Code: DS-SYSTEM17
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Your DVD player supports multiple angles, so why doesn’t your spy gear setup?

If your answer is anything besides, “doesn’t support multiple angles, yet”, you need to keep reading.

Spy gear has become a great way for us to keep an eye on the people we allow into our personal space. The problem is, stationary cameras don’t always capture things from the correct angle. Moving cameras are much too obvious to implement though, so what’s the solution?

You could always install more cameras, position them at strategic angles and then hook them all up to a device that gives them a purpose to be there in the first place.

4 channel DVR system with 4 outdoor cameras makes life so simple

This one system has everything you need to do to wire up multiple angles of any living space, and is a darn good DVR to boot.

The four individual cameras are made for outdoor use, so they can withstand the elements. The receiver itself will probably look best in the living room, so placing the speakers there will likely make sense for most people.

With the system in place you can arrange each speaker to capture a slightly different angle, meaning no inch of the room is invisible. (Hint: four corner positioning looks and works best).

The cameras transfer all the footage over to your DVR for later viewing. With network capability you can even watch your videos remotely from a browser window from anywhere in the world.

Go the extra mile, capture the extra footage

While the base model is capable of handling your everyday needs, upgrades make the world go round.

By expanding the internal hard drive up to 2TB (2,000 GB)  you can capture four times as much video, or leave the device unattended for four times as long before checking it.

You can also rig your system to be watched in private on an extra monitor, such as in your secret spy room for example.

With backup USB flash drives, you can easily select footage to take with you on the road. Perfect for on-the-go editing, or proving someone’s innocence or guilt. So pick and choose the perfect set up for your home. There is no price on your safety and wellbeing.



DVR Features

Records 30 FPS per Camera
View your home or business from anywhere via the web or 3G Mobile Phone
Playback search
4 Video Inputs & Built-In PIP
Time/Date stamp
Ethernet (10/100 Base-T)

Camera Features

Fully Weatherproof
Low illumination & Backlight Compensation
Automatic Gain Control
Automatic Electronic Shutter
High S/N ratio
Optical Lowpass Filter



4CH Network DVR
4 Weatherproof IR Cameras
4 50ft Video+Power Siamese Cables
4 Camera Power Adapters
4 Camera Mounting Brackets
Remote Control
USB Mouse
Instruction Manuals

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