Key Chain HD 1080P Spy Cam DVR with Night Vision
Key Chain HD 1080P Spy Cam DVR with Night Vision

Key Chain HD 1080P Spy Cam DVR with Night Vision

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Product Code: DS-KC1080NV
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WHO WOULD SUSPECT that while you're innocently holding your keys in your hand, you're secretly recording HIGH DEFINITION 1080P video to your Car Remote Spy DVR? No one! This is the highest resolution video you can get in a Keychain DVR! This is the ultimate spy tool and every secret agent must have one in their arsenal.


Footage from one of these keychain cameras nailed a San Francisco police commander just last year, who was trying to sell stolen methamphetamine to a private investigator. Corrupt cop 0... law abiding citizen 1.

Now there’s an all-new 2012 model which could put the whole SFPD in the slammer. Much more than a toy, it records video in full color 720p at 30fps, fits into your palm and records with one touch.

How did it fool a cop? The Mini Key Chain Car Remote Spy Camera is virtually impossible to distinguish from a regular keychain remote. Toss it on the desk before you start talking, or leave it hanging innocently from the key rack. They'll be none the wiser.

Also included:

  • Infrared LEDs for Night Vision capability.
  • Supports movie-length recording -- approx. 20 minutes per GB.
  • 1 hour recording per charge. All the time needed to get that secret meeting on record.

Taking a day off from spying? It's also great for candid snaps and videos. And because it travels with your keys, you'll never leave it at home.

"I take my keychain camera out on my yacht, and when a speedboat ran into me, I was able to get everything on record just moments after it happened. As a result, I had no problems when filing an insurance claim -- after he denied all responsibility and threatened to sue."


Get the HD 1080P Car Remote Night Vision Spy Camera DVR NOW for just $199.99


Introducing the 2013 model of our ever popular Key Chain Spy Camera DVR. This is the latest in HD state-of-the-art covert surveillance technology. The High Definition 1080P 1920x1080 Keychain Car Alarm Remote DVR recorder is the Ideal tool for instant covert all-in-one video recording. "One Touch" record button activates the camcorder for a full hour of recording on a single charge. Recordings can be later downloaded via high speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing and storing. Includes hybrid USB cable with Video Output for viewing on your TV. Charges via USB. Memory slot accepts MicroSD cards up to 32GB.



Product Features

  • Virtually Undetectable Mini Spy Camera
  • Watch Footage Directly On Your TV
  • or Download To Your PC
  • Great for candid photos and video
  • Looks exactly like a car alarm remote
  • Records video at HD 1080P 1920x1080 @ 30FPS
  • Small enough to keep on you at all times
  • USB to video out connection via RCA
  • Video Storage: ~20min per GB
  • One-touch operation
  • Battery Life: ~1 Hour of recording

What's in the Box

  • Night Vision Keychain Car Remote Spy Camera DVR
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
Camera Features
Night Vision Night Vision
HD Video Quality HD Video Quality
Self-Recording Self-Recording
16GB 16GB
32GB 32GB
Removable Removable Memory
Hand-Held Hand-Held
Hide It Yourself Hide It Yourself
Portable Portable
Table or Desk Table or Desk
Video Quality
HD 1080P HD 1080P
Power Source
Battery Powered Battery Powered
Rechargeable Rechargeable

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