All-in-One Shirt Button Spy Camera DVR w/ Magnetic Switch & Time/Date Stamp
All-in-One Shirt Button Spy Camera DVR w/ Magnetic Switch & Time/Date Stamp

All-in-One Shirt Button Spy Camera DVR w/ Magnetic Switch & Time/Date Stamp

Brand: DynaSpy
Product Code: DS-BTNDVR
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Ever been caught aiming your spy camera at someone?

Never again with a camera that hides in plain sight while recording the view from wherever you’re facing.

As spy gear enthusiasts, we know that there is a time and a place for every type of camera.

Sometimes a small camera hidden in an everyday gadget is exactly what you need. Other times, you look out of place and suspicious continuously pointing your spy gadget at someone.

For those times, the All-in-One Shirt Button Spy Camera goes wherever you go and records in whichever direction you’re facing. 

Preemptive status all the time

Know that you have an important meeting ahead where things could be misinterpreted later on? Planning a conversation where people need to speak freely -- but where having a recording of the conversation could save you later?

Walk in with confidence knowing that the All-In-On Shirt Button Spy Camera will record your every word and movement.

Just as long as whatever or whoever you want to record is in front of where you are standing or sitting, it will be picked up on camera with full audio. You can record up to 2 hours on a single charge, so even the longest meetings and conversations will be covered.

Next time you enter into a situation, make sure you are fully prepared.

Anything someone says can and will be used against them in a court of law -- if the evidence is playing right there in front of a jury. Make sure you have the right device to capture that evidence.



Product Features

Small camera fits right into a button hole
All in one unit: No bulky separate recorders
Special magnetic ring turns on camera for discreet recording

Product Specifications

Resolution: 640 x 480
Video format: AVI
Memory: 4GB
Built in Lithium Ion Battery
Continuous recording for 1.5 - 2 hours
No driver installation if you use windows ME/2000/xp or MacOS 9 or later

What's in the Box

1 Button spy camera DVR
1 Magnetic ring to enable internal switch
1 USB Cable
4 Extra buttons to help the unit blend in
1 Instruction booklet


Camera Features
Self-Recording Self-Recording
Body-Worn Body Worn
Video Quality
480P SD 480P
Power Source
Battery Powered Battery Powered
Rechargeable Rechargeable

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