About Us

DynaSpy, Inc. is a Spy Camera and Spy Gear retail store located on Long Island in New York, USA. We are proud that DynaSpy.com is on page one of organic results for "spy camera" which showcases our leading position in the industry. Our customers include home and business, police and law enforcement, government and military, detectives, private investigators, businesses, hotels, municipalities, schools, hospitals and more. For the past nine years (as of 2012) we have been dedicated to bringing high-end spy technology into the hands of the average consumer at great prices. We all love those 007 movies, and now you can BE THE SPY!!


BEWARE of Cheap Imitations!

LET'S PLAY A GAME  can you tell the difference between these two Keychain Spy Cameras? DynaSpy Brand may look exactly like the ones you see at other retailers, but BEWARE!! ....
DynaSpy Brand Other Brand
DynaSpy products use high quality, brand name components like this Samsung microprocessor and Sharp sensor in our popular Keychain Spy Camera.
DynaSpy Brand Other Brand


Spy gear has gone mainstream. You can find spy cameras hidden in nearly any everyday object. What used to be make believe in the movies is now reality, and it's awesome! How about a video recorder wrist watch? A key chain camera? Or a spy pen? Or hat camera? The list goes on. You'll find all these and much more throughout DynaSpy.com! Please take some time to browse through our categories, I'm sure we have an item that will suit your needs. Thank you for visiting!